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Yar Yi Lifting Column YA-A2

Yar Yi Lifting Column YA-A2

May 25,2021

Yar Yi Lifting Column YA-A2

        YA-A2 lifting column developed for industrial, medical and furniture application, such as operation platform, hospital beds, nursing home beds, treatmentunitsand height adjustable desk. YA-A2 available for synchronous control 2-8 columns at same time, and can provide minimal dimensions and long stroke selection and so on.

        The following items are YA-A2's general features:

        1. Voltage of motor: 12V DC, 24V DC

        2. Maximum load:  8,000N

        3. The fastest speed at full load: 3mm / s (load 8000N)

        4. Stroke: 50~800mm

        5. Minimum dimensions: Stroke + 180 mm (S<300mm)

                                                Stroke + 200 mm (S>300mm)

         6. Color: Silver gray

        The following is the shipping diagram of this product for reference by customers who are interested in buying.