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Yar Yi Lifting Column YA-A2 For Electric Cutting Machine

Yar Yi Lifting Column YA-A2 For Electric Cutting Machine

June 5,2021

Yar Yi Lifting Column YA-A2 For  Electric Cutting Machine

         YA-A2 lifting column developed for industrial, medical and furniture application, such as operation platform, hospital beds, nursing home beds, treatment units and height adjustable desk. YA-A2 available for synchronous control 2-8 columns at same time, and can provide minimal dimensions and long stroke selection and so on.

         The following are general features of YA-A2:

         1. Voltage of motor: 12V DC, 24V DC

         2. Maximum load:  8,000N
         3. The fastest speed at full load: 3mm / s (load 8000N)
         4. Stroke: 50~800mm
         5. Minimum dimensions: Stroke + 180 mm (S<300mm)
                                                 Stroke + 200 mm (S>300mm)
         6. Color: Silver gray
         Out of liking the many features of YA-A2, the customer chose to purchase this model of lifting column. Moreover, customers also apply it to electric cutting machines. This application makes the electric cutting machine easier to operate, and also saves a lot of effort for the workers who operate the machine. The cutting machine with lifting column can be automatically raised and lowered, and manual lifting is no longer required. At the same time, this application situation has greatly broadened the application field of this lifting column. Other customers who purchase this product can refer to this application case to make their own products more convenient and labor-saving, so as to provide product sales.
         The following is the shipping diagram of the product, for reference and view by customers interested in the product and customers who are interested in buying the product.