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Yar Yi Linear Actuators YA180 For Electric Sweeper

Yar Yi Linear Actuators YA180 For Electric Sweeper

June 14,2021

Yar Yi Linear Actuators YA180 For Electric Sweeper

             Yar Yi YA180 series linear actuator is designed for light industry, because of its compact size, metallic gear and proper capacity, YA180 widely used for agricultural machinery, construction, clean sweeping vehicles, ships, automatic window control, assembly line and other applications.

              The following are general features of YA180:

              1. Voltage of motor: 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC,
              2. Maximum load: 3,500N in pull/push
              3. Maximum speed at full load: 67mm/s ( load 150N)
              4. The slowest speed at full load: 5mm / s (Load 3,500N)
              5. Stroke: 20~900mm
              6. Minimum dimensions: Stroke + 105 mm (S<300mm)
                                                       Stroke + 120 mm (S>300mm)
             7. Color: Silver gray

             Customers were deeply attracted by the features of HTA180 and chose to purchase this product. Subsequently, the customer used the product on an electric sweeper. After the electric sweeper is loaded with an electric linear actuator, the height can be automatically adjusted. Workers driving the electric sweeper can also save more effort and do not need to manually sweep the garbage. After the electric sweeper is finished, dump the garbage into the corresponding trash can. This application case is a new breakthrough in HTA180's application field. Other customers who also bought this product can learn some experiences from this application case, so that increasing their products's convenient.

              The picture below is a picture taken by our company when the product was packaged. Customers who are interested in the product and those who are interested in buying the product can refer to it for viewing.