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Yar Yi Light linear actuator YA280 for Cupboard

Yar Yi Light linear actuator YA280 for Cupboard

June 15,2021

Yar Yi Light linear actuator YA280 for Cupboard

               YA280 miniature linear actuator is one section of industry, agricultural machinery, construction, clean sweeping vehicles, ships, cargo and other windows automatic control, application Design of actuators. The products are small-capacity, compact design, protection grade IP66 Alternatively, YA Series linear actuator is one kind of power-driven device, its installation is not the terrain. Distance limitations, the ideal product to replace hydraulic, pneumatic, both to save energy, But also through the microcomputer control, easy to automate.

                 The following are general features of YA280:

              Voltage of motor: 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC,

               Maximum load: 3,000N in push

               Maximum speed: 67mm/s ( load 150N)

              The slowest speed: 6mm / s (Load 3,000N)

              Stroke: 30~900mm

              Minimum dimensions: Stroke + 125 mm (S<300mm)                                    

                                                   Stroke + 140 mm (S>300mm)
              Color: Silver gray or black
              IP rating: IP66
              The reason why customers buy this product is precisely attracted by the characteristics of YA280. After that, the customer applied this electric actuator in the cabinet. After the cabinet is loaded with electric linear actuator, its switches become more intelligent. People can also use cupboard more conveniently. This application case broadens the application field of YA280. Other customers who purchase this electric actuator can learn from this case to improve their products more convenient and labor-saving, so as to increase product sales.
              The picture below is a picture taken by our company when the YA280 was packaged for reference and viewing by customers who are interested in the product and customers who are interested in buying the product.