Update TimeJune 3,2023
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Heavy Duty Linear Actuator YA760

           YA760 industrial linear actuator is a very powerful actuator designed for various app such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and industrial machinery. Difficult applications require equally demanding actuator actuators. YarYi's YA760 series linear actuators are designed for heavy-duty applications developed in harsh environments where there is a need for high lifting capacity and retention. YarYi assures you of long-life maintenance-free products.             General Features: Voltage of motor: 12V DC,24V DC,36V DC,110V DC

                                          Optional: brushless motor, built-in drive

                                          Maximum load: 16,000N(Push),16,000N(Pull)

                                          Maximum No-load speed: 138mm/s

                                          Full-Load Speed: 5mm/s

                                         Stroke: 50~1000mm

                                         Minimum dimensions: Stroke+ 200 mm 

                                                                            Stroke+ 250 mm (S>400mm)

                                         Color: black

                                         IP rating: IP69K

                                         Operational temperature range: -45°C~+75°C

                                         Higher duty cycle (25%)

                                         Built-Limit Switch (not adjustable) 

                                         External Limit Switch (adjustable)

                                         Screw selection: Trapezoidal Screw, ball Screw

                                         High-strength N steel housing protects motors and gears

                                        Other options: Hall sensor, Potentiometer,External reed switch can be adjusted freely

                                        Control options: external control, built-in control, synchronous control, Hall control,

               Model Selection: 







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