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Update TimeJune 3,2023
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Heavy Duty Linear Actuator YA60F

          Yar Yi YA60F linear actuator is designed for various application, such as furniture, dental chair, medical bed and so on. The linear actuator is powerful and quiet that is an ideal product for nursing departments such as hospital beds.The quality of the YA60F provided by Yar Yi ensure that you have a long-life.           General Features:

           1. Voltage of motor: 12V DC,24VDC
           2. Maximum load: 8000N(Push),4000N(Pull)
           3. No-Load Speed:5-34mm/s
           4. Full-Load Speed:3-23mm/s
           5. Stroke: 100~600mm
           6. Minimum dimensions: Stroke+ 175 mm
                                                   Stroke+ 190 mm (S>400mm)
           7. Color: Silver gray or black
           8. IP rating: IP66W
           9. Operational temperature range: -25°C~+65°C
          10. Higher duty cycle (25%),
          11. Noise Level:≤52db
          12. Other options: Hall sensor, control system
          13. High-strength N steel housing protects motors and gears
          14. Built-Limit function (not adjustable)
           Model Selection:

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