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Update TimeMarch 30,2023
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                                          Hydraulic Cylinder YA350

            Yar Yi's YA350 series electro-hydraulic linear actuators are designed for heavy duty applications that are developed in harsh environments where high lifting capacity and retention are required. Products are widely used in sanitation trucks, electric three-wheeled agricultural vehicles, yacht outboard machine, lift platform, ship car mechanics etc.
             General Features:
             1. Voltage of motor: 12V DC, 24V DC
             2. Maximum load: 50,000N
             3. Stroke: 100~600mm
             4. Minimum dimensions: Stroke + 200mm(it will vary according to different load)
             5. Color:black
             6. IP rating: IPX6
             7. Operational temperature range: -20°C~+60°C
             8. Duty cycle: 4min on, 16min off
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