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Update TimeJune 3,2023
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Yar Yi Lifting Column YA-B2

        YA-B2 linear actuator column (Yar Yi) is one Column product development for medical and work environments, such as hospital beds, nursing home beds, treatmentunitsand height adjustable desk applications. The two outer tube YA-B2 formula canprovideastable operation of the lift, and can provide minimal dimensions and long stroke selection and so on.

         General Features

         1. Voltage of motor: 12V DC, 24V DC,

         2. Maximum load: 2,000N ~4000N,                                  
         3. Maximum speed at full load: 22mm/s ( load 1000N)
         4. The slowest speed at full load: 5.5mm / s (load 4,000N)
         5. Stroke: 20~800mm
         6. Minimum dimensions: Stroke + 150 mm (S<400mm)
                                                 Stroke + 180 mm (S>400mm)
         7. Color: Silver gray
         8. IP rating: IP54
         9. Operational temperature range: -25°C~+65°C
        10. Higher duty cycle (25%),
        11. Other options: Hall sensor
        12. High strength metallic zinc alloy housing protects motor and gear
        13. Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)
        Model Selection:
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